Thursday, December 13, 2012

Video spirit pro full version free download

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Verytools VideoSpirit Pro is a top-notch tool for editing, converting, and creating videos. With simple wizard-based operation and easy track management, VideoSpirit can quickly convert all kinds of files to play on your iPhone or other device. You can even use it to create video productions out of your own files and imagination. VideoSpirit Pro is free to try, but the trial version leaves a watermark on output files. We tried the full version.
VideoSpirit reduces video resolution during editing to maintain an acceptable speed and automatically restores full resolution when you're done, but the installation wizard explains how to change the program's Settings to keep the original resolution while editing. Creating video productions isn't exactly second nature, but VideoSpirit's intuitive interface goes a long way toward making the job as easy as possible, combining a browser-like start button, menu bar, and tabs with a player, settings wizard, and track list in a three-part video production console. We started by selecting the type of video we wanted to create from a drop-down list offering everything from basic file types like AVI and MPEG to entries for specific devices (HD, too). Then it was a simple matter of adding files to icon-coded tracks, including video, audio, images, subtitles, and voiceovers, and dragging each one into place along a uniform timeline in the track list window. Clicking lock icons locks down individual tracks when everything's just right. The preview window is large enough to be useful, too.
VideoSpirit Pro can convert files singly or in batches, and it has useful extras like a video frame grabber, a splitter, and a joiner. But we had the most fun creating videos. The Help file explains each function clearly; we recommend starting with the Pre-Production section, which describes how to add your files to the program's Library Room for easy access. The section entitled Starting a New Movie Project explains how it's done, including the way VideoSpirit saves changes to your Project but leaves your original source files intact. Whether it's fast Flash conversions or the next indie blockbuster, VideoSpirit Pro seems right for the part.

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