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Download Free Hit Man 1 Absolution Full Game With Crack

Information: Hitman Absolution is an Action Adventure stealth game developed by IO Interactive and published by Square Enix. It is the fifth entry in the Hitman game series, and will run on IO Interactive's proprietary Glacier 2 game engine. The developers have confirmed that Absolution will be easier to play and more accessible, but will retain hardcore aspects. The game was released on November 20, 2012, which is the 47th week of the year in reference to the protagonist, Agent 47.
The game takes place in the United States, and features an online option. In addition, the game features "instinct mode" which allows 47 to predict enemy patrol routes, much like the "sonar vision" that was featured in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction, "Eagle Vision" in Assassins Creed: Revelations, "Dark Vision" in Dishonored and "Detective mode" in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Hitman is known for allowing players to create their own narratives within the sandbox levels.
Absolution is set after the conclusion of Hitman: Blood Money, with the Agency reassembled as the International Contract Agency; Agent Benjamin Travis assigns 47 to kill his previous handler, Diana Burnwood, who has allegedly defected from the ICA and kidnapped a girl named Victoria. Shooting Diana in her home, a dying Diana requests 47 save Victoria, who is a genetically engineered assassin like 47, from the ICA.
Branded a traitor by Travis, 47 hides Victoria at a Catholic orphanage, and contacts an informant named Birdie; 47 is told of Blake Dexter, head of Dexter Industries, who may have more information on Victoria. Eavesdropping on Dexter, 47 learns he plans to kidnap and auction Victoria to the highest bidder, only for Sanchez, Dexter's associate, to knock him unconscious. Framed by Dexter, 47 evades the police, only to learn Birdie is being hunted by Dexter's ally, Wade; despite 47's intervention, Birdie still gives Victoria's location to Wade.
47 reaches Victoria, only to find Wade and his men attacking the orphanage. 47 mortally wounds Wade, but Victoria is kidnapped and taken hostage by Lenny, Dexter's son; 47 follows him to Hope, South Dakota, where 47 kills Lenny's gang, before interrogating and killing Lenny. Learning Victoria is at Dexter Industries HQ, 47 destroys their research data on Victoria and assassinates its head scientists. Then killing Sanchez in an underground cage fight, 47 recuperates at a hotel; attacked by ICA team "The Saints", 47 to eliminates them.
Infiltrating Hope Courthouse Jail, 47 reaches Victoria but is subdued by the Sheriff, Clive Skurky, who is working with Dexter. Learning the ICA is going to pay ransom for Victoria, 47 escapes the prisons and kills Skurky. Arriving at the Blackwater Park Hotel, Chicago, 47 kills Dexter's assistant, Layla, and finally Dexter himself, before escaping with Victoria.
In an epilogue, Travis and his assistant Jade reach England with the intent of exhuming Diana, whom Travis believes is alive. Assassinating Jade and ICA team "The Praetorians", 47 wounds and kills Travis. During a closing cutscene, 47 watches Diana and Victoria, revealing he spared her; another cutscene then shows Birdie offering information on 47 to Detective Faulkner.

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OS= Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 

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